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Does your food establishment have a certified manager?

Several years ago, the Idaho Legislature approved a rule that requires a CERTIFIED MANAGER in your food establishment. This new rule is now being enforced by the Idaho Health Districts. Some Health Districts are offering a class to help you meet this rule, but not all…

There is a better option – MOUNTAIN WEST FOOD SAFETY, LLC

-Mountain West Food Safety consults for several national organizations. Patrick Guzzle, principal consultant and certified instructor/proctor for Mountain West Food Safety also trains health department personnel around the United States as a consultant for the Association of Food and Drug Officials. We can help you become a certified manager!

What does the Health District mean when they say I must have (or be) a certified manager?

-It means that you, or a designated person, must pass an accredited exam.

How can I obtain an accredited exam?

-There are 5 accredited exams (360 Training, National Registry, Prometric, ServSafe, and State Food Safety).

Am I only required to take and pass the exam? Do I have to take a class?

-You only need to take the exam – but like any exam, it is extremely beneficial to take the class that goes along with the exam.

How do I take a class?

-Mountain West Food Safety offers an all-day Servsafe class – including the exam – in the Boise, Idaho Falls, and Lewiston areas on a recurring basis. See our website to register! Unlike classes taught by Central District Health and Southwest District Health, Mountain West Food Safety classes are taught by a professional food safety consultant, have no wait lists, offer a full refund (or will automatically transfer you to the next class) if you cannot attend, offer a repeat option if necessary, and include several other benefits that Central District Health and Southwest District Health do not offer.

My Health District told me I must complete this class and exam this month. What are my options?

-Don’t panic if you’ve missed registering for this month’s class! Most of the Health Districts are flexible with deadlines if they know you are enrolled in the next available class from Mountain West Food Safety. Mountain West Food Safety knows most of the health inspectors throughout Idaho – and trained many of them! We work with your Health District on your behalf to request deadline extensions.

I live in Twin Falls. Why are there not any classes in Twin Falls?

-The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) regularly teaches ServSafe in Twin Falls and private classes from Mountain West Food Safety are always an option!

I live in Coeur d’Alene. Are there classes near me?

-Prior to the COVID-19 situation, Panhandle Health District (Hayden) was teaching ServSafe on a regular basis. However, at this time, they have suspended their classes and are not sure when they will start again. If you have interest in a class in the Coeur d’Alene area, let’s talk about possibilities!

Is a private class available?

-Private classes are available and we will travel to you! Mountain West Food Safety serves all of Idaho and the surrounding States (travel reimbursement required).

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